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What Makes a Great Leader?

I was asked that question on The AM Show at the height of the pandemic.  Being a great leader is the same as living a Resilient life.  It takes heart.  We can know all the words, we can have read all the books on leadership, but until we understand it in our heart, we will always be at lack.

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Leadership and Resilience
One and Two day Workshops

A Resilient Team will go the distance

Time for team development. At the end of every financial year you decide next year is THE YEAR. Every Sunday you decide next week is THE WEEK. Every evening you decide that tomorrow will be THE DAY. The day that you and your team become more Resilient and start growing into the ‘Could be’, the ‘Should be’, the ‘Might be’, but how. These workshops deliver the tools for you and your team to make the day after - YOUR DAY, the beginning of the new you.  These events re-enforce your teams future habits rather than the habits of your past. 

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The Resilient

The Resilient – Date night

Time for a night out. Every December you decide next year is THE YEAR.  Every Sunday you decide next week is THE WEEK.  Every evening you decide that tomorrow with be THE DAY. The day that you become more Resilient and start growing into the ‘Could be’ you, the ‘Should be’ you, the ‘Might be’ you, but how. This event delivers the tools to make the day after - YOUR DAY, the beginning of the new you.  This is an evening out that re-enforces your future habits rather than the habits of your past. 

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Growing Resilient

Your starter pack

There is more, you know there is more. Where do you start? You can be braver, more resilient but how…… Simple; get started. But that’s easier said than done. Or is it easier done than said…..This is a 50-day guide to Growing Resilient. Get one video every day for 50 days along with some simple tools – this is how you start.

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Challenge and Community

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Oh, Monday again! Best I start my ‘new life’ …. again. Does it ever feel like ‘Groundhog Day’; constantly starting but never finishing? All the self-help/personal development books sit, mostly read, at your bedside. The online courses were good but….. As you look at your family/colleagues/team you see them getting ahead with their goals, becoming more resilient. What’s missing? In the simplest of terms, you lack accountability, and you know it but by the time you get to yourself, all of that energy has been spent. Team Resilient is a 12-week online Mastermind led by Stew and designed around team accountability.

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Resilient Business

How long is your runway?

Do you ever reminisce about the business of your dreams? Before you started, before the hard yards.  Business is a long game, but you never expected it to be this long! Money in, money out; month in, month out.  When was your last day off?  When was your last holiday?  Do you know long your runway is? Not just cashflow.  How committed are your team?  Are you all living to the Vision and Values?  The Resilient Business will answer all of these questions and, working with 10 other business leaders in a 12-month mastermind you will help each other solve the gnarliest of business challenges. Your business understanding will improve, your networking will hit new levels, you will see once again the dream (the reason) why you first started.

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Next dimension you!

This really is the ‘next dimension’. You are already a success but……. It just doesn’t seem to last. You are working hard but not seeing the results you planned. You feel lost, bored even, you know there must be a smarter way but it has been eluding you for too long.  How are some people so successful with what looks like so much less effort? Welcome to The Quantum Resilient a 6-month, 1:1 intensive that will reveal a pathway to Resilience that will blow your mind. 

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‘One day, we awaken and feel the discomfort in our comfort. We pull back the curtain and wonder if we caught a glimpse of bars across the window and we rise again’. 

In his autobiographical book Lead through Life, Stew empowers readers to Resilience through the Lead through Life Framework.

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