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The Quantum Law states that 'your environment is an extension of your mind and if you truly change your mind there should be evidence in your life'
I know, you’ve tried it all and it's not working – do you want to know why?

I’ve been there. You’ve tried it all but something is still missing.

All the personal development books are read and the Podcasts listened to. You’ve had amazing coaches but after a few months all those learnings drift and you find yourself wondering …….. You know there is more but where?

These were the very questions that caused me to get studying! How to fill that nagging doubt that somewhere, somehow the answer that has always eluded you is waiting?

I now have the answer and in only 12 weeks you will too and you can use these tools and practices to ensure that you never again slip into old ways.

What's it all about?

Quantum Resilience goes beyond ‘normal’ coaching and mentoring.  With access to cutting edge science and the latest understanding of the Quantum field, you will learn to see what is possible, not by changing yourself but by living into a new version of yourself.

You’ve tried changing, right? As if you are pulling away from your old self but, when things get tough you end up back where you started. It takes so much energy to pull away and, just like a stretched rubber band, after all that effort, you end up back where you started. But worse, you are now even more tired, and even more disheartened.

Imagine a world where you could train your brain to become a new person – a new you!

Using the latest research in neuroscience, epigenetics, neurocardiology and quantum physics, Stew will guide you through an exploration of how to free yourself from your past and shift into a world of infinite possibilities.


Move beyond your limits into an extraordinary new life.

Only $9,000 NZD

What's included:

  • 12-weeks of 1:1 coaching with Stew
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • 2 – week HeartMath Coherence coaching
  • HeartMath Accessories and handbook
  • Copy of Stew’s book Lead through Life
Quantum Resilient Course

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