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Resilient Business

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Are you the owner/manager of an SME?

You started because of a dream, an idea, a passion.  Not only were you adding value to the world you were creating a future for you and your family. How’s that going? A strong business takes time – but this long???  Where is your accountability?  How Long is your (cash) Runway? Do you have an A-Team or constantly struggling with B or C players?

How are you adapting to the ever-changing market in these “Unprecedented” times?

 When was your last holiday?

What's it all about?

The Resilient Business is a unique opportunity to work with me and seven other business owners. The Resilient Business will meet quarterly in the Wellington Region (New Zealand). To participate business owners must be committed to taking business to the next level.  The Resilient Business is different because it covers more than just business. I will ensure that it dives into the root cause of any challenge and will address the psychology as well as the mechanics.

We all know that accountability is key to keeping us and our business on track.  Through The Resilient Business, each member will get that ‘in spades’.  With Weekly buddy/buddy check-ins, Monthly Zoom Conferences and quarterly Business Retreats each member of The Resilient Business will be held accountable and expected to hold each other accountable. Through this accountability, every member will grow.  

During the quarterly Business Retreats members will have access to invited guests who are all successful business folks in their speciality; Sales, Accounting, Legal, Investment, M&A and have the opportunity to learn from the other members. Business owners in The Resilient Business will strive for sustainable and ongoing success, not just the one-off wins so many businesses achieve. We’ll also ensure there will be fun included at each event. 

The Resilient Business is a unique opportunity to join like-minded business owners who want to see that Quantum shift in their business. This is a yearly commitment. 


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Only $15,000 NZD

What's included:

  • 12 Month Business mentoring Mastermind

  • 4 two-day Business Retreats (One event per quarter) led by Stew.

  • Monthly Zoom call with Stew and other members.

  • Weekly accountability calls with business buddies.

  • Professional coaching/presentations from business leaders

  • Access to Stew’s network as required.

  • Copy of Stew’s book Lead through Life.

  • PreKure presentation.

Resilient Business Course

What people are saying

Erina Perkins Design
Erina Perkins

E Perkins Design

The Resilient Business program will move your business forward 10x more than working 1:1 with a business coach

Karen Kearney
Karen Kearney

Wheel Adventures Ltd

What I like about having Stew and The Resilient Business behind us is the firm leadership and accountability. In the past, I've experienced companies where collaboration and differences in opinion lead to a series of meetings that go around and around in circles. With Stew the discussions are collaborative but he's not afraid to make a decision or lead the direction.

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