Hi I'm Stew

Great to meet you. I'm honoured to have you visit.

As a Resilience coach, I help and guide students create the awesome life they are seeking.

I created my business for you when I realised that most of us are desperate to create a better world for ourselves, our families and all those we see struggling. These Resilience courses are proven methods through which anyone can find success. That success spreads through families, the work place and peers lifting whole environments.

Resilience has been a key part of my life. This was never more important to me than when my father died suddenly when I was only ten. It was clear to me that I was my responsibility - that's where the life less ordinary began.

I started Officer training just six weeks after my 18th birthday – the youngest of my cohort to commission into the Royal Air Force. I had some immense fun but it turned out that we weren't the best match; fortunately the British Army thought my leadership style was more aligned with theirs!! So began a career that saw me up to all manner of exciting adventures across the globe. My military career culminated in the command of all UK Military Intelligence Training, responsible for leadership and professional training for over 10,000 students. How could you top that??

That was the very question Liz asked and resulted in a move of 18,500 kms to New Zealand. I then started a software company that, over 3 years, moved from a 'good' idea to a successful 7-figure business. But it came at a cost; the stress caused a break-down which pointed out to me that it was not congruent with my purpose.

I had achieved all of my success, over 28 years, with a heavy (like very heavy) alcohol dependency. As part of my recovery I decided (over- night on 03 August 2018) to stop drinking; life really accelerated at that point.

These days Liz (the most awesome wife) and I live in the paradise that is the North of South Island, New Zealand. Now that the kids are making their own successful way in the world, I have the joy of creating a business that reaches my true purpose.... to help others, just like YOU, become Resilient.

Helping you become more Resilient is the driving force behind all I do. Thanks for being a part of it.

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I am committed to Leading my Life!

Most recently, I have...

  • Built my own multiple 6-figure coaching business
  • Led an organisation with a team of over 200 and an annual budget of over $37m.
  • Built a business from idea to 8-figures in under 5 years
  • Worked with multiple businesses achieving improvement in revenue for all
  • Travelled the globe including some of the world's most dangerous places; Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan.
  • Regularly led The Resilient live events
  • Hosted businesses at 'The Resilient Business' retreat
  • Been highlighted on Radio, TV and magazines across NZ
  • Written a book - Lead through Life
  • Worked as a Leadership coach to KidsCan charity
  • Become a Glider Pilot
Stew's recent achievements

My Values

"The man who stands for nothing will fall for anything" — Malcolm X.

Values are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience and the experience we want you to feel as a part of the Lead through Life community. Our decisions are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose. When we use our values to make decisions, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us. When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group.


“This S*&% is too serious to this S*&% to seriously” — GOC 3 (UK)

DIV in Southern Iraq The Lead through Life Framework fully embraces the idea; leadership is serious but that shouldn’t mean its not fun. All interactions with us have an element of silliness.


“When you’re brave, you empower others around you to be brave.” — Anon

Too often we think about bravery as confronting the big gnarly challenges in life. Bravery is also doing the little things and getting started. This business would not exist without bravery and we are here to help you get the little things done and get moving.


“There’s always one more thing you can do to increase your odds of success” — Lt Gen Hal Moore CO 7 Cavalry (Ia Drang Valley)

There is no point in getting started if you are not going to continue. Success lies in the ability to keep going, even when it is tough and no one seems to care. While you build your tenacity to Lead through Life; we are here for you.


“Enthusiasm moves the world” — Arthur Balfour

Find your why and the enthusiasm will flow. Ever noticed that sometimes time drags and other times it goes by so fast. Living with enthusiasm causes time to fly. Any time you spend with us or in any of our programmes you will see and feel enthusiasm.

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