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As New Zealand's top resilience coach, I will help you release the future you know you deserve.

The seven secrets to a successful day

Unsure about all this coaching/mentoring? I totally understand - took me a while to get on board - once I did it changed (and continues to change) my life. How about a short, seven-day course all about achieving a successful day. A short video every day for seven days - each video provides you with a challenge that, if taken and continued day on day, will make you more Resilient.

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Rediscovering Resilience - Workshops

Live and online workshops

We exist to help everyone build their resilience. 

Yet everywhere we look, we can see people under stress and strain. Their resilience is being tested.

The every day strain of family, finances and careers, is causing the stress meter....... stress!

The Rediscovering Resilience Workshops are designed to help individuals, teams and businesses rediscover their resilience.

A resilient individual is more engaged, productive, and energised. A resilient team can focus on its customers and can deliver on its promises. Resilient people tend to take less sick leave, communicate better, and can flex and evolve to perform under pressure. 

It’s not about getting the most out of people – it's about helping everyone be inspired and fulfilled. 

Businesses that help their people are rewarded with greater loyalty, engagement and productivity.

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If you don’t take control of your life how will it ever get better?


Create a life you LOVE in 90

days without putting pressure

on your busy schedule.


Creating a life that fulfills you doesn't have to be daunting. It's about small incremental steps that lead to huge changes.

Rediscovering Resilience 

Stop your downward spiral with this 12-week online program that will take you from blah to BLAH-DY AMAZING!

And it’s NOT a one-hit-wonder like so many other personal development courses out there.

What you learn in Rediscovering Resilience will stay with you for life.

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Quantum Resilient

Next Dimension You!

This really is the ‘next dimension’. You are already a success but……. It just doesn’t seem to last. You are working hard but not seeing the results you planned. You feel lost, bored even, you know there must be a smarter way but it has been eluding you for too long. How are some people so successful with what looks like so much less effort? Welcome to The Quantum Resilient a 6-month, 1:1 intensive that will reveal a pathway to Resilience that will blow your mind. 

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