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Ever wondered why some people are able to carry on through tough times without falling apart?
Ever wished that your business and team were better able to handle adversity and rebuild in times of high stress?

At some point, everyone, every business, experiences varying degrees of setbacks. Some of these challenges might be relatively minor, while others are disastrous on a much larger scale.

How you and your team deal with these challenges can play a significant role in not only the outcome but also the long-term consequences.

Would you like to remain calm in the face of disaster while others appear to come undone?

Can you utilise your skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges?

Instead of falling into despair or hiding from problems with unhealthy coping strategies, would you like to learn how to face life's difficulties head-on? It doesn’t mean there is any less distress, grief, or anxiety, it means you can handle difficulties in ways that foster strength and growth.

Would you like to emerge from these challenges even stronger than before?

At our Workshops,  Stew teaches strategies and tactics to make New Zealanders Unstoppable. By unpacking what makes us ‘tick’, introducing a new understanding of how we can communicate smarter and expanding on his Lead through Life Framework Stew has helped many individuals and businesses succeed. His clients saw their lifestyles and businesses rejuvenated despite the challenges of 2020.

Fortunately, becoming resilient is something we can build both in ourselves and in our team.

By the end of the workshop every attendee will:
  • Know how to reframe thoughts to create positive views of themselves, their businesses, and their abilities
  • Have a framework to make realistic plans and stick to them
  • Realise an internal locus of control
  • Become a good communicator
  • Consider themselves as fighters, not victims
  • Understand how our brains help and hider our individual and business growth.
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